I am in constant pursuit of treatments to help me get back to full health so I can continue life with passion and adventure.  However, I had some troubling test results at the start of the year after having an Echocardiogram.  You see, even though I consider myself in remission from Lyme Disease, the disease has caused some permanent damage to some of my body systems.

The Echocardiogram showed I had a “Severely” enlarged Left Atrium and a worrying Atrial Fibrillation, which seemed to be the cause of the enlarged Atrium.  I then had a 24-hour ECG monitor that showed the troubling results detailed below, I was particularly concerned about the 245 pauses of my heart (that means my heart stopped beating 245 times in a 24 hour period!)

Extract from 24hour ECG

  1. Sinus rhythm/sinus arrhythmia.
  2. The average heart rate was 72. The minimum heart rate was 43 bpm. The maximum heart rate was 172
  3. Rare ventricular ectopics.  Occasional supraventricular ectopics with occasional trigeminy, one couplet and rare (3-13 beat) runs of atrial tachycardia, rates up to 196 bpm.  245 pauses of duration 2.0-2.2 seconds.

I went looking for a treatment to help repair my damaged heart.

I decided to try Autologous Mesenchymal Stem Cells extracted from my own Adipose tissue, in laymen’s terms I had a small amount of fat (3-4 grams of fat) removed from my abdominal area and then the Stem Cells were extracted from the fat through a complex procedure.

Professor Russel Vickers

Professor Russel Vickers

I was under the care of a world-renowned specialist in this field, Professor Russell Vickers.  The whole procedure took only 2 hours and I had approximately 40 Million Stem cells reintroduced into my body.  Professor Vickers explained because these Stem cells are fresh live Cells, each Stem Cell had the ability to undergo 30 population doubling, so at the end of 4 weeks 1 Stem Cell becomes 1 Billion Stem cells inside the body, which is quite amazing.

Autologous Stem Cell Therapy Transplant

Autologous Stem Cell Therapy Transplant

My Results so Far. 

Straight after the procedure I felt my brain fog lift and I had the feeling of surging energy that I had not felt in a long time, a few days after I could not feel any of the irregular heartbeats I had been experiencing. I have also found myself being able to recover from daily exercising, where before I suffered from post exercise malaise.

Two months after the procedure I had a follow up appointment with my Cardiologist who did an Echocardiogram Stress Test and reported no Atrial Fibrillation and the Left atrium was only slightly enlarged.  I am now waiting to redo the 24 hour Monitor testing and the Echocardiogram to get documented proof to measure the results of the Stem Cell administration.

The procedure cost 20,000 euros, a small cost considering the long term health issues I could have experienced.

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